China is installing Spyware app on tourists’ phones

China is the world’s most popular country in the world. It is a country that holds the record of having the largest population in the whole world. Every year tourists visit that country in a large number. But now, some news has spread regarding the tourists in China.

The visitors to Xinjiang in northwest China are experiencing a surprise by a spyware app that is forcefully installed on their phones by the Chinese guards at the Chinese borders. According to the reports, the tourists are being stopped at the Chinese border in Xinjiang regions and then their smartphones are seized. The guards on the border take their phones into a separate room. The app is installed on smartphones there. For installing that app on the I phones, a hand-drive machine is used.

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The name of this app is Fengcai which is in Chinese language. Another name of this app is BXAQ. Fengcai is developed by a Chinese company named Ninjing FiberHome Starrysey Communication Development Company Ltd. And then distributed by Chinese authorities. This app is also called the Surveillance app.


The motive of the Chinese government is just spying. When the app is installed on the phones, it collects all the personal information including text messages, call logs and also a list of installed apps from the phone and that data is sent to a remote server for reviewing. It extracts emails, contacts, etc and can be used for the tacking movements. It is reported that Fengcai checks the content against a list of 73,000 items regarded as suspicious or carrying further investigation. And also, the data taken into consideration also include, how to make illegal weapons, etc.

The tourists have not been warned regarding this. Also, they have not been told what this software is looking for. It is not the first time when Chinese authorities have been caught using spyware to keep eye on people in the Xinjiang region, as this kind of intensive surveillance is very common in that region because many others steps have already taken by the Chinese governement for security. However, it is the first time when tourists are believed to have been the primary target.

It is said that once the detection is over, this app is being uninstalled by the guards and then no information will be sent to their server after this. But sometimes the guards may forget to do so. So,whatever the intentions of the chinese government, but it may hurt the feelings of the tourists.

So, what do you think about this? Give your suggestions in the comment box.


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